Consulting Services from Our Experienced Staff

At E & S Residential Care Services, we also offer consulting services that include the development of policies and procedures for community-based programs. With more than 25 years in business, we have a great deal of hands-on experience when it comes to running Level 4 facilities and behavior management programs.

Our success has enabled us to form a team of knowledgeable business consultants who will provide assistance and recommendations for addressing any concerning issues. Our mission is to help first-year residential service providers by providing the tools necessary to develop the confidence to run a successful adult residential care home.

We Offer Thorough Facility Assessment Services

As part of our facility assessment, we examine the operations of the entire facility, ranging from the building itself to staff training, charting, scheduling, and any additional administrative factors. Our consulting team is led by our director, Stephanie Hendricks, whose extensive experience in the field has given her the knowledge to handle any issues in order to improve the way that the facility operates. The goals for facility assessment include the ability to establish a strong foundation and build a winning team.

Enhance Your Center with Our Facility Operation Review

Our facility operation review includes an overall inspection of the way that the facility is operated and managed in accordance with Title 17 and 22 of the health and safety code regulation. This includes a thorough examination of every aspect of the facility to ensure that all components are operating at their full potential.

Our Facility Management Review is Designed to Help You

We understand that you may deal with overwhelming confusion and frustration, so we are here to minimize the stress that you encounter. Our consultants take pride in all of the services that we offer, and we know that even the best policies and procedures will be worthless if they are not properly implemented or followed. With our facility management review, we assess your current performance and assist you by providing tools that will enhance the way you manage your facility.

Enhance Operations with Our Policy & Procedure Recommendations

With the policy and procedure recommendations we offer, our consulting staff inspects your existing policies to determine if anything needs to be updated or added. We then suggest any revisions or additions to the policies that are in place, and offer any advice on the operation and procedures of your facility to ensure that everything operates smoothly on a daily basis. We also assist with improving the design of your policies and provide Pro-Act training, as well as recommendations for emergency plans.

Ensuring Quality with Comprehensive Document Review

When we visit your facility, the document review process that we perform includes an assessment of client records and any other documents required for daily operation. We ensure that everything is up to date and properly organized so that your legal matters will be in order at all times.

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