Mission Statement

An important member of a highly respected organization devoted to providing the developmentally disabled with residential services of the highest quality.

Your Source for Proven Residential Care Solutions

At E & S Residential Care Services, we are dedicated to serving the special needs of developmentally disabled individuals by providing service that addresses their unique behavioral management requirements. By maintaining an awareness of their distinctive behaviors, we are able to address them positively with patience and responsibility.

For more than 25 years, we have provided residential care in Fresno, CA, for developmentally disabled individuals. Our staff works with each client on a personal level to develop a connection through both words and behavior. We are committed to investing the time, energy, and effort necessary to ensure that each individual we serve is able to receive the proper residential care.

We Offer Individualized Residential Care Services

Our residential care services are available for developmentally disabled adults ranging in age from 18 to 59. With programs that are tailored to the exact needs of each age group, we ensure that all of our clients receive individualized care for their specific physical, mental, and emotional requirements.

Preparing for Daily Living with ADL Life Skills Training

Each member of our staff is trained to respond to severe behaviors with proven care solutions, and we also offer adult daily living (ADL) life skills training in a friendly and nurturing residential setting. Over the years, we have proudly contributed to a number of success stories of individuals who have shown vast improvements in their behavioral abilities. We value all of our clients who are still with us, as well, and are glad to help them make daily progress in their lives.

Your Choice for a Quality Residential Service Provider

As a quality residential service provider, we have set ourselves apart from other programs in the field by providing structured programs, specialized training, and a continuing commitment to positive behavior reinforcement. By rewarding our clients for performing in accordance with the behavioral standards that we have developed, we establish a system of expectations and goals for each individual to reach and exceed.

Encouraging Growth with Developmentally Disabled Adult Care

Our developmentally disabled adult care programs include a broad range of special activities and educational options for all of our clients, including art and music programs. With classes that are designed to foster the growth of social skills in each individual and a reward system that encourages positive behavior, we ensure that our clients are properly prepared for engaging with others in a social environment.

Contact us to find out more about our residential care solutions. We serve developmentally disabled clients in Fresno, California.